Bastrop State Park Engagement Shoot

2019 is going to be a big year for Claire and me! We've shared some incredible years together, but next year is going to be extra special. We are very excited to announce that on June 22nd of 2019 we are getting married! We are still figuring out all the details so we will keep you posted as we navigate the journey to our wedding.
Claire and I grew up roaming around the woods and hiking up mountains in New Hampshire. We've always had a connection to the wilderness, even while living in Boston and currently living in Austin. That connection carries through to the places we love to visit. During our trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we filled our time with long car rides through the backcountry, stopping to take in the tall mountains that surround the prairies and to gaze at buffalo. One of our favorite destination for summer vacation is to Claire's family home in the Adirondacks. The woods that surround mountains and valleys provide the perfect place to relax. 
For our engagement shoot, we wanted to have our connection to the wilderness be part of the images, and we wanted a location that didn't feel too obvious. We decided to drive to the Bastrop State Park, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from our home in Austin, Texas. We were intrigued by the hilly and dry landscape that was almost made desolate by wildfires. The trees and the vegetation seemed to push back against the dry climate providing some unique opportunities for us. Being creative thinkers, we were up for the challenge of a DIY shoot. Though taking the images ourselves made it more time consuming, it proved to be an intimate experience. We were happy traveling along the windy roads scouting for a good location to stop and capture a few images. Here what our experience looked like, we hope you enjoy.