Hello. I'm Noah Fournier. I'm a wedding photographer based in Austin, Texas. I spend most of my free time behind a camera, and yes, I am one of those people who brings my camera with me everywhere I go. I love wandering around [both familiar and unfamiliar] places, exploring the world through photography. I'm also a cyclist and coffee fanatic. If I'm not behind the camera or in my darkroom developing film, you can find me drinking a cappuccino at a cafe or out on a long bike ride. Or perhaps in the kitchen—I've recently begun a personal journey to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and I won't stop until I find the right balance of sugary, buttery, chocolatey, goodness. But I digress…

    As a wedding photographer, I like to call my style contemporary documentary photography—a combination of fine art and photojournalism, with traditional roots and modern flair. When I photograph weddings I focus on natural, spontaneous, personal moments as well as ones that are unassuming and unique. I also love finding moments with a little sense of humor to them.  

   I have a formal education in photography and am a graduate of the New England School of Photography in Boston Massachusetts. My grandfather and brother both introduced me to photography when I was 14 years old. I remember learning how to develop film and how to print in the darkroom. It was a special moment for me to watch a piece of paper turn into a memory and a work of art.

  I love sharing my passion for photography, especially when I am given the honor of documenting and preserving special moments in others’ lives. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have, including packaging info or availability. I hope to hear from you soon.